Most people learn how to barbecue from their parents. Unfortunately, my parents are terrible at barbecuing, so whenever they fire up the grill, they produce ribs that are tough to eat, burgers that are on the verge of being burnt, and chicken that is close to being underdone. I decided to break away from their bad skills by teaching myself how to barbecue. The only way to get better is to learn from someone who actually knows what they’re doing.

From a website, I learned about the 3-2-1 grilling technique, where the meat is cooked in stages. The first 3 hours is used to slowly smoke the meat on a low heat. For the next stage, sauce is applied and the meat is covered with foil while it cooks for 2 more hours to lock in the flavors. In the final hour, the foil is removed and another layer of sauce is added.

As for my chicken, I let it sit in a brine bath before cooking to keep it juicy. I used a meat thermometer to make sure that the internal temperature of the bird was at 160 degrees Fahrenheit to cook every piece thoroughly. The results were a massive improvement over what my parents were able to do.