Somehow my friends got the idea that I can make one of the greatest pulled pork sandwiches known to man. I don’t know who told them that, but it wasn’t me. I kept telling them that I didn’t even know how to grill, but they thought I was just being modest to downplay my skills. One of my friends suggested that I make the pulled pork sandwiches at a barbecue party, and I declined, which upset everyone. My friend that came from Arizona and whined that he left his duct cleaning business ( for the party (jokingly) I eventually caved to all of the pressure and agreed to make the sandwiches.

I originally came up with a plan to just buy some pre-made pulled pork and present it as my own creation, that seemed like the easy way out. I just looked up some techniques for making pulled pork online for help. I smoked a pork shoulder on the grill for 3 hours, spraying it with a little apple juice. Then I put it in a foil pan with the rest of the juice and covered it in foil while it roasted for 8 hours. As the meat was cooking, everyone could smell it, and their stomachs were growling.

I put the pork shreds on buns with a little bit of barbecue sauce and hoped everyone would like the taste, or at least stop bugging me about making them. Everyone loved the sandwiches, which was a relief.